Started as Poshy Magazine in 2013 by Larissa Long, MODE Magazine has undergone a number of changes.

It was launched as an idea to bring fashion, philanthropy and lifestyle together for a Seattle audience. This quickly grew to encompass multiple cities including Portland and London.

Poshy was rebranded as MODE Magazine in mid-2013. With this came a sharp increase in staff as the content became more diverse and a need for centralization of content creation and management became necessary.

Christopher Chapman was brought on at this time as Creative Director with an eye towards process and cyclical production. Content Management was added and more writers and photographers were engaged to fulfill the content needs of MODE Magazine.

In the Spring of 2015, MODE Magazine and SFW Corporation, the production company behind Seattle Fashion Week, decided to join forces to better serve the fashion industry in Seattle. With this comes a change in the content and layout of MODE Magazine.

We are currently re-building the infrastructure of MODE Magazine and will resume publishing issues again very very soon! Keep an eye out!

MODE aims to be the voice of fashion and beauty in Seattle. Sharing the designs and trends and influencing the style of Seattle and the Northwest. We hope to become the inspiration of today’s chic and sophisticated.