Apples to Emeralds: DRES Redefines Women’s Shapes and Clothing

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dresPear or apple? No, I am not offering you a juicy piece of fruit. I am referring to women’s body type. Wouldn’t you agree neither are too flattering? Yes, women come in all shapes and sizes; but we shouldn’t be compared to items found in the produce section. Local designer, Margaret Spencer, has made it her mission to change the message of how women view their shape, using precious stones as motivation.

Her Seattle-based company DRES has a line of dresses designed to fit the various body types of women using jewelry for inspiration. “These gems provide a positive way to identify body shape, which women are much happier to embrace and identify with,” Spencer said. Here are the sizes and categories: Diamond, Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire.


Equal bust/shoulder & hip

proportions with smaller waist


Fuller bust and/or shoulders

with smaller hips and thighs


Equal bust/shoulder & hip

proportions with a similar waist


Fuller hips & thighs with

smaller bust and shoulders

During the weekend of March 23, 2013 at a launch party, Spencer provided measurements for attendees and gave confidence to her customer that DRES would not just provide dresses, but an entire line of business-casual clothing from jackets to pants in the future. Spencer also hopes to develop environmental clothing like organic bamboo, cotton and spandex.

It may be obvious that Spencer’s business is one of a kind in the industry of “figure out yourself if this dress flatters you or not” options. Spencer reveals that the reason her company stands out, “Most clothing companies use one fit model, which makes their clothing difficult for women who have shapes other than the one fit model to wear.” DRES uses a different model for each different shape to ensure elegance of each.

No more fruits, ladies. From now on, our bodies should only be described as precious gems! With the launch of DRES, women of Seattle have an entire line to celebrate their shape no matter what it is.

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