IMAGINE Fashion Show Success- From Inspired Students to New Director

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by Jamei June


The 8th Annual IADT IMAGINE Fashion Show left audience members wondering two things on September 20th. One, where could they buy these featured designs? Two, are these really student designers?!

Almost every outfit looked like it could be sold at the Downtown Seattle Macy’s where the event was held. Opening then show were children dressed up like cows and flowers. As the night progressed models in sparkly club wear and chic, edgy business attire sauntered down the catwalk.

One student designer, Brandy Foreman, commenting on the diversity of the fashion show. She said, “Fashion should not be cookie cutter. There are enough individuals out there who have diverse fashion sense and can totally rock the looks that they wear.”



From the designers to the designs, the show seemed to be a success. New Director Latasha Haskins was able to give us an interview of what it was like both in the spotlight and behind the scenes.

Jamei June: Now, be honest: how do you feel the show went?

Latasha Haskins: The first word that comes to mind is AWESOME! Working with so many different individuals, including parents and children, you never know, but as with every event, it all came together! I am so pleased and it looks like, the spectators and attendees were too!


June: What was the most stressful part of putting the production together?

Haskins: When I was asked to be the director, the show was only 3.5 months away, so that was a lot less time than I am accustomed to working with when it comes to my productions. [We] were able to crank it out and produce a beautiful final product! Some asked me if dealing with the kids was hard. Being a single mom of two for the past 13 years and having background in children’s pageantry, the kids were the easiest part!


June: What was the most rewarding?

Haskins: Seeing the huge smiles on the School President and Director of Fashion’s Faces! I know it was scary having a new Director after they had worked with the same one for so many years. They trusted me and they are happy they did! Also, I really enjoyed seeing the positive reactions to me doing a few things unusual to the fashion world, like incorporating dancers (The Color Lines Dance Ensemble) and doing more a stage presentation rather than typical runway choreography.

June: What are your plans for the next IMAGINE fashion show?

Haskins: I already have my next vision in my mind! You see what I could do with just 3.5 months, imagine what I can do with an entire year! You will have to wait and see…but I promise you, you will want to be there!


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