Metropolitan Fashion Week Kicks off April 6th

metrofwAfter spending the last few months covering fashion weeks all over the world via live stream (staying up til 4 am to watch shows happening in Paris) and summarizing from already half a day old press coverage from sources much closer to the action than myself, I’m excited to get to finally get to talk about (and watch) something closer to home, a real live fashion week happening here in Seattle.


Now, I debated about whether to keep this a strictly promotional and anticipatory piece about what you can expect to see next week at Metropolitan Fashion Week which kicks off this Saturday at Pratt Fine Arts Center, or to keep it real. I have chosen to go with the latter. Fashion aficionados in the Seattle area will be aware that Metropolitan Fashion Week is one of two fashion weeks based in the Emerald City. While it is most certainly arguable that Metropolitan Fashion Week has taken over the top spot between the two, (especially since the other one failed to happen on the normally anticipated schedule this Spring) it is not the branded “Fashion Week” as in New York, Paris, Milan, London . . . Seattle. Because it is not branded using the city fashion week title, it is also not on the “official” schedule of worldwide fashion weeks that are branded as such (which can be found at Then again, neither is the one that has the use of the city fashion week title.


Alas, Seattle, the fourth largest fashion market in the US, is still not on the map as a major fashion city. At Poshy since we’ve vowed to do everything in our power to help change that, we’re hoping that the 2013 Metropolitan Fashion Week will make a splash big enough to be heard around the world. The line up suggests that there might just be a chance for that to happen, and we couldn’t be more excited.


Opening night will feature one of our favorite local designers, Deyonte’ Weather along with Gingerlyn Bellus and the International Designer Dar Sara, whose amazingly detailed fantasy couture evening wear creations area featured in all of the advertising materials for the week.


Closing night gala will be held in the breath taking space of the Chihuly Garden and Glass at Seattle Center. The line up appears to be set to start off by raising the temperature a few degrees with Adicora Swimwear and UnderU4Men. (Lets start the show with bikins and a bunch of men in underwear . . . ok I’m down) Also showing are Cintly by Beto Yarce Jewelry, Julie Danforth, Juliano, Luxury Shoes by Lina Zeineddine, and Navigation Girls designed by Milagros Lugo Designs. Dressed to the nines guests of the formal gala will also be treated to collections from celebrity designers Jim Tarnner and Christopher Collins, made possible by The Finerie. International Designer Ezra Santos will close out the show and the week.


Additional festivities of the week include a VIP Reception at The Finerie on April 10th and a Lean Goddess Party at Suite Lounge in Bellevue on the 11th. The entire schedule of shows and events can be viewed at We look forward to the shows, and bringing you all the highlights!

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