Seattle’s Fashion Reputation Revealed

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20130105_213445The more research I do on fashion in Seattle the more I realize our reputation is uncalled for. We’re known as the grunge city first and foremost and all of us Seattleites know that’s so out of date and needs to move on. The problem is our state’s overall fashion sense stems from the software world and is a bit lacking. However, I wouldn’t categorize that as the fashion scene here in the Pacific Northwest. I mean, really if you look at how New Yorkers dress you wouldn’t categorize their daily wears to what the fashion scene is best known for right? So I started to look around our beautiful state and figure out what has helped to determine our horrible fashion reputation to visitors and onlookers.

It starts at the airport. People arrive in awe from the view they saw coming in and can’t wait to step off that plane to see what our beautiful state has to offer. Seatac Airport is an okay airport by airport standards (after working for an airline I’ve seen many across the U.S. and know ours deserves to be listed at the top, which is quite sad). Our food court is incomparable really. We have amazing seafood options and a few other local favorites. Then you see our gift shops. Some are quite quaint and we are even lucky enough to have a Butter London boutique in the C Concourse. But 20130105_213524where things all go wrong is those mini shops that try to sell what’s considered local fashion. Oh my goodness. We should all be embarrassed. I mean really? My last visit to the airport I tried to find one decent piece of clothing. Something that didn’t consist of a Bigfoot T-shirt or wolf cap. I was able to find some cute children’s options but nothing for a stylish person.

If you’ve ever been to LAX there are some great boutiques that have everything from fine jewelry to ready-to-wear clothes for a night on the town. Don’t get me wrong LAX has those small mini shops with awful fashion options but you can bypass that and purchase a Coach tote. I feel all airports should have options like that considering how often luggage gets lost. Plus do we really want someone going back home wearing a full moon wolf pullover? That answer is no on so many levels but when you’re looking for that last minute souvenir and all we have to offer is a sweatshirt that says “Sleepless in Seattle”, someone is bound to take that home to their teenage daughter who will never wear it and dread the thought of ever having to come here. So my idea is to reach out to Seatac and demand better options. We have so much to offer from Nordstrom to REI, although not my top fashion choice at least it’s in style and a real representation of the Evergreen State. Who’s with me?

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